About the Book

The idea behind Jake's Law was to write a story that would allow me to externalize my strong points of view regarding the established norms in my world. In my head was a non-stop commentary on how politics should be, who wasn't paying their fair share of taxes, the ambiguity of ethics in business and even the poor planning of traffic patterns. One day when I was voicing my opinions to a co-worker, I realized that my ideas were not popular or comfortable for others to hear. I realized I could accomplish more than just noise by spelling them out in a story. Getting these ideas on paper, so I wouldn't constantly be thinking about them, seemed a good idea to me. I felt a science fiction story would be the best method for me to do this, and might just be fun to boot.

As my story evolved, and the main character, Jake, found himself in tricky and dangerous situations, I realized I was asking myself, "What would I do?" This is not an autobiography, but it is a story that shows how even a mild-mannered engineer drawn into unusual events can transform into a hero - of sorts. I hope my readers will put themselves in Jake's boots and come to realize that they too have an inner strength to overcome adversity. If they will not judge but rather take the leap into unfamiliar experiences, their life will be so much more vibrant and exhilarating than they could ever have imagined.

Hold onto your hats for this action-packed adventure!