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From Sci-Fi Fan to Author
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From Sci-Fi Fan to Author

Aerospace Technician’s Life and Philosophy are a Fertile Resource

Will Coleman of Mechancisburg, PA Publishes First Novel

It All Began Just Outside of Pittsburgh

At age 66, William J. Coleman’s life has culminated with the publication of his first novel, Jake’s Law, a sci-fi adventure. However, his life did not take an ordinary nor easy course. Born near Pittsburgh, PA, he was in a serious accident while watching the trains go by (a favorite childhood pastime) and lived off and on in a “children’s home”.  As early as fourth grade, Will enjoyed sci-fi books like Space Cadet, but for the most part had to rely on his imagination to help him get through, entertaining his friends at the home with wild stories of spaceships. In high school, he stoked his sense of adventure by joining the Civil Air Patrol, a group of students trained to locate downed planes. All of Will’s life experiences shaped him and gave him the ‘where with all’ to write the story of Jake.

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